My Centrifugal Artworks

Last year in March 2016, I developed a new painting technique that involves a "centrifugal machine." Based on the idea of letting color flow, taken from my gravity series, I wanted to paint round canvasses. The round format however asks for something else than gravity to let the color flow. In my opinion, it would look "out of balance" when my gravity structure would drop from one side of the round artwork. While writing this, I realize that I should give it a try just to see how it would look in the conscious realm compared to my imaginative realm. An idea for later... In order to get a balanced, elegant, happy artwork, I wanted the color to flow evenly from all sides - or from inside out.

How to create an art exhibition on Valentine's day

Today, I will tell you about the opening of “Blueroof Emerging Artist Village Games“ at WM Gallery on Valentines day. All the artworks were covered in red cloth the day before the opening. While walking in the gallery of all red artworks, I had the feeling of being at an exhibition by Yves Klein. Luckily, I chose red cloth because of Valentine's day and not blue... From a Chinese point of view, the red reminded on traditional Wedding Ceremonies since the bride is usually covered in red. In the morning of the opening day, I quickly painted a tree onto a white backdrop opposite the event stage. It is custom in China to write ones signature onto the event backdrop when arriving. For this exhibi

How I became a curator

Antonio Wehrli started curating in May 2016 and has done 6 art exhibitions already in Chengdu and Beijing. Read here how it all began...

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