Antonio Wehrli - Law of Corona - Part 2

A big thank you to all the readers of this blog that have sent me their great replies with in-depth explanations in response to my last blog entry. They were voicing either “That’s an amazing work” or “how can you create this?”. I didn't expect that the Law of Corona artworks can offend the viewer. Of course, they are strong statements. But more importantly they are questions! Important is that we have a dialogue and that we can voice our opinions. It might take years until we really understand what happened this year and maybe we will never really know or agree on many of this disaster’s aspects. The work I am creating on right now is called “Freedom of Speech – censored” or “Freedom of Spe

Law of Corona

Corona affected the life of billions of people - also my life was affected very strongly by Corona. Until the beginning of 2020, my life, work and art were based in Chengdu, China. When my family and I came to Switzerland for a skiing vacation, we never could have imagined how this trip and especially the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and the strong response towards it would affect our lives. With the worldwide lockdowns and travel restrictions, Switzerland became our new (old) domicile. But settling down wasn't easy: Because of the partial shutdown in Switzerland, it was difficult to purchase clothing, kitchenware, furniture or art utensils. I had to act “illegal” and secretly purchase a

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