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Antonio Wehrli Gravity Jewelry

Yesterday was the opening of my new exhibition "LEBENSFREUDE" at the newly opened Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Schwanden, Glarus, Switzerland.

As a world novelty, I presented new artworks and my newest addition to derivatives - the most special Antonio Wehrli Gravity Jewelry.  Here below the Golden Gravity Bracelet: 

The Gravity Bracelet is available in Sterling silver, 18k gold plated sterling silver or solid 18k gold

Click the image to get to the website with further information.

Over the last year and a half, New York city jewelry designer Jane A. Gordon and I worked on two jewelry pieces, a ring and a bracelet. While normally the artist requests 5 to 8 changes, I needed countless more to get the perfection I wanted. Each drop had to be specifically to my taste which needed an unexpected 1.5 years. It was definitely worth the time and effort. This jewelry embodies the Gravity flow like my colors on canvas. 

The new canvas is your arm or finger:

The jewelry is handcrafted. Each piece will be slightly different, the finishing touches are shiny on top layer and end of drops while in between, they show various textures. 

The ring shows some drops more shiny, others matt. 

The Gravity Bracelet and Gravity Ring are available in several variations: Sterling silver, 18k gold plated silver and solid 18k gold. They are true statement pieces of taste, elegance and magnificence. 

Both ring and bracelet are adjustable in width. 

The jewelry will be made on order. Usually they will arrive at your door within four weeks. Because of the current COVID situation and limited air travel, local shutdowns, etc. delays might occur. 

Order your favorite Gravity Jewelry this week to be sure to get it on time for the Holiday Season. 

Enjoy free worldwide shipping on your Antonio Wehrli Gravity Jewelry.

Sterling Silver Gravity Bracelet - size adjustable. 

I will send you pictures of the opening and more updates at a later time.

Today, I wanted to show you those magnificent jewelry pieces and give you a chance to see and order them - just one day after the opening at the gallery. 

Stay safe and healthy!

Turn your life colorful! All the best,



Centrifugal 20220815 - 66cm - Acrylic on Canvas - 2022.jpg


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