Antonio Wehrli - Der Sieger im Turnier - 16.5cm x 26.5cm - Acrylic on Antique Print by C. Schraudolph on MDF - 2020

A beautiful medieval knight, adorned as the winner of a tournament. A tournament was a chivalrous competition or mock fight in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, 12th to 16th centuries.
The base of this artwork is a print by C Schraudolph from the late 19th century.
Antonio Wehrli mounted this antique print onto a 5mm MDF plate. He then painted his signature style gravity flow over it to increase depth and beauty, thus creating a new conceptual artwork. 
Signed, dated and titled on verso by the artist Antonio Wehrli


One of a kind


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Der Sieger im Turnier - 16.5cm x 26.5cm - 2020