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POWER OF NATURE - Dominic Hartmann at Antonio Wehrli Art Space

On Saturday, January 22, 2022 was the first opening day of artist Dominic Hartmanns Solo Exhibition "POWER OF NATURE" at Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Schwanden, Glarus.

Around 20 people visited the gallery and two artworks found a lucky home with two more artworks in great hopes to follow the lead of the other two.

The vivid artworks, some of remarkable size, like the one above, "Hurston", 150cm x 200cm captivated the spectators.

To increase the fascination, a color changing floodlight was prepared to help the visitors dive into another dimension. With the changing colors, various elements and aspects of the artworks became highlighted.

The small audiences congregated from artwork to artwork, guided by the beam of the floodlight.

To give you an impression of the color-changing effects, I took a movie of the artwork "Hurston":

It was a great experience to dive into "Tropical Reef" with its shark, eel, carrot fish, etc.:

or to feel the moonlight winter nights deep inside the Glarus mountains around "Tierfehd".

I hope you will have a chance to come visit the art space.

If not, you can get a glimpse at the exhibition and artworks here:

All the best,

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Centrifugal 20220815 - 66cm - Acrylic on Canvas - 2022.jpg


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