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WINTERTIME - Group Exhibition at Antonio Wehrli Art Space

Coming up next at Antonio Wehrli Art Space:

"WINTERTIME", a group exhibition with works by Lisa Eikrann, Dominic Hartmann, MARCK, Eva Oertli, Rahel Opprecht, Werner Stauffacher, Sandro Steger and myself, Antonio Wehrli.

Three artist will be showing their artworks for the first time at Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Schwanden, Glarus, Switzerland.

Sculptor Eva Oertli who's sculpture adorns the flyer, is based in Ennenda, Glarus. She has won several prestigious awards and is famous for several public sculptures in Glarus.

Rahel Opprecht is very well known in the local art scene and will show three of her recent paintings.

Sandro Steger has mainly been exhibiting in Norway and Switzerland and is based in the canton of Glarus since several years.

The remaining five artists have already had their solo exhibitions at the art space and I am happy to present new, compelling works by them.

The exhibition will start on December 10, 2022. The vernissage is from 3pm to 5pm.

After the opening, most of the artists will go to the Kunsthaus Glarus, where the exhibition "Kunstschaffen Glarus 2022" will open its doors from 6pm. Lisa Eikrann and Dominic Hartmann will also show their work at the Kunsthaus Glarus exhibition.

I look forward to seeing you at the opening!

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Centrifugal 20220815 - 66cm - Acrylic on Canvas - 2022.jpg


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