Happy New Year 2019!

2018 is about to end and 2019 to start.

December was a great home run with 3 Solo Exhibitions in Shanghai, Chongqing and Chengdu. As the whole year, also those 3 exhibitions focus on “Flow of Color”.

The last one opened on December 27, 2018 in Chongqing – “Secret Garden of the Artist – Antonio Wehrli 2018 Solo Exhibition Chongqing”, at VA Gallery, on 2nd level of “World Financial Center” downtown Chongqing.

A week ago, on December 22, 2018 “Centrifugal – Turn your life colorful” opened at Artgogo SPACE.

Earlier, on December 8, 2018 was the opening of “Flow of Color – Antonio Wehrli explores the world” at WM Gallery, on 2nd level of “The Atrium” downtown Chengdu.

Famous artist, curator and designer Mr. Liaoyuan Xu gave me the honor of being the curator of the show

Some of this years creations:

Temple Mystery – Gravity Cambodia - 105cm x 105cm - 2018

Five Color Pond – Gravity China (Jiuzhaigou) - 40cm x 50cm - 2018

Picturesque Junks – Gravity China (Huzhou) - 50cm x 60cm - 2018

That was tasty – Gravity Thailand - 40cm x 50cm - 2018

Clear Waters – Gravity China (Jiuzhaigou) - 105cm x 105cm - 2018

Fisherman at the bank of Jialing – Gravity China (Chongqing) - 90cm x 90cm - 2018

Centrifugal 20180226 - 50cm x 50cm - 2018

I had expected this blog post to be finished here - but while searching for the photos to add, I realized that this is some important news from 2018 that I would like to share too:

On October 28, 2018, I became Honorary Citizen of Chengdu Pidu Ancient Town. Mayor Liu Songyue gave me the Honorary Credential during the town's Grapefruit Festival.

Here below a very special art-wall that I did for the 5th Chengdu Creativity and Design Week:

The art wall shows 8 years of work from 2011 to 2018 - various styles of practice: abstract Structurism, figurative Structurism, abstract Gravity, Photo Gravity, abstract Centrifugal, figurative Centrifugal and abstract Music Painting - and art from 7 countries: China, Switzerland, India, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia and Scotland.

Have a fabulous start into the New Year 2019!

My best wishes!


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