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Finissage of "Wenn die Berge dein Meer werden" at Antonio Wehrli Art Space

The current show at Antonio Wehrli Art Space: "Wenn die Berge dein Meer werden" by Lisa Eikrann is ending on July 30. To make a finale to remember, the gallery and the artist organize a Finissage on July 31st from 3pm onwards.

At 4pm, the artist Lisa Eikrann will give a performance accompanied by flutist Catherine Fritsche to the theme of Peer Gynt and the search of identity.

The Finissage will be a great opportunity to meet with the artist and get to know her ideas of the artworks first hand.

There is limited seating for the performance at 4pm, therefore, please reserve your seat in advance.

What a chance to see this amazing installation alive with performance.

The next opening at Antonio Wehrli Art Space is planned for September 11. Stay tuned for updates.

I hope to see you at the finissage on July 31,

All the best,



Centrifugal 20220815 - 66cm - Acrylic on Canvas - 2022.jpg


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