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"Galaxy Gravity" exhibition on September 11 by Antonio Wehrli

Soon is the opening to my new exhibition at Antonio Wehrli Art Space. “Galaxy Gravity” will start on September 11 and I am busy creating my newest artworks. Most are ready of course. They just need a final touch.

The "Galaxy Gravity" artworks are my abstract interpretation of made visible, actually invisible energies that flow through the galaxies. The galaxies themselves are surreal orbits of stars created with interference colors on a black background, bulges between black holes or imaginary reflections from celestial bodies. Depending on the angle, the galaxies shine in many colors or appear to be of plain darkness. The idea for the works came about intuitively, but shows a direct relevance to our time in which new probes from different countries land on Mars and billionaires are calling the era of space tourism.

The biggest work is a diptych of 260cm x 195cm and shows interference funnel pillars, which could be intergalactic connections between different time-space-frequency locations. In the foreground of all the artworks is the all-unifying, stoic, gravitational color flow that unites through peace and communication.

I am also enhancing the gallery space to give the artworks a more impressive surrounding. Updates to follow.

Often while working on those artworks, especially the big ones, I think about my studio and the artworks that are still in China. I had a fabulous studio there. Now, I am creating all those new artworks in a fairly small area within the art gallery space. The last third of the main room acts as my current studio and for some artworks, I use the whole gallery when closed.

In my big, beautiful studio in Chengdu, I had ample space to create and store the artworks between the various creation steps. From time to time, I had great dinner parties.

Let me tell you about one of them:

In June 2019, 24 guests came to my studio for a dinner organized in collaboration with the Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel and the Rotary Club of Chengdu. We had a catered buffet and live music.

With my supervision, the hotel staff decorated the table with brushes, colors and my artworks.

The hotel manager, Mr. Gianpiero Ruocco had the fabulous idea that I could paint the dessert buffet. I did it live in front of all the guests and created an edible artwork - of course co-created with Gravity.

On a heavy glass plate, I painted an abstract background of colorful syrup lines. I added mountains of various sauces of chocolate, mango, strawberry, etc. on one side of the table and mixed them with a palette knife to my Tai Chi waves. Then, with some help, I lifted the very heavy glass plate up and let the colors flow over the previously designed abstract composition.