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Happy New Year 2021!

2020 - a year of change is coming to an end. My life experienced more changes that I ever could have imagined. Instead of a brief vacation in my home country Switzerland, the pandemic forced me and my family to stay and settle down in Switzerland. We searched and found a flat in a beautiful village in the Swiss mountains nearby Zurich and I started the creation of a new series of works: "Law of Corona". Helplessness was a common feeling because we did not have any influence over our lives any longer, or just to a limited degree.

Corona - Hope, 218cm x 176cm, Spray on Lawbooks on Wood, 2020

Hope came with the summer and lower and lower numbers of infections.

I became enterprising and started to work on yet another few new artwork series, progressions of my existing Gravity Series.

I started the "Gravity Germania" series, where I use old etchings as the base of the artworks:

Stadtmauer - 14.5cm x 16.5cm - Acrylic on Etching from 1980 by Friedrich Wanderer on MDF - 2020

Then I started the "Galaxy Gravity" series, where the background is made of imaginative star systems and galaxies:

Galaxy Gravity 20201120 - 85x105 - Acrylic on Canvas - 2020

I also painted my Gravity layer on a Moroccan carpet:

Gravity Marocco 20201102 - 80cm x 150cm - Acrylic on backside of Moroccan carpet - 2020

My first pieces of a new Antonio Wehrli Gravity Jewelry line came out, where an arm or finger become the overflown canvas:

Gold plated on Sterling Silver Gravity Bracelet

And finally I opened an art gallery called Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Schwanden, Switzerland and created two exhibitions in the last two months of the year.

Antonio Wehrli Art Space building view