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Inaugural Exhibition at Panda International Art Center Chengdu

A new museum, the Panda International Art Center in Chengdu opened on May 18 2021. The Research Center of Giant Panda Breeding was closed for almost 8 months and for the reopening, they inaugurated a new museum that will focus on Panda related art.

For the first exhibition they chose three artists. One of them is me.

Above: Exhibition view with limited edition Panda prints by Antonio Wehrli

The exhibition is called:

SPARKLING BEASTS SHINE BRIGHT International Panda Artworks Exhibition Artists:

Antonio Wehrli, Lv Yadong, Wooding


Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

ICBC - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Chengdu Chaoshi Branch)


VA Galleries


5/18/2021 - 8/18/2021

Since my one of a kind oil on canvas panda artworks are sold out, the gallery partner in Chengdu, VA Galleries, published a series of limited edition prints for the show. From the pictures I received, the exhibition display looks great and the prints are of highest quality.

Due to COVID-restrictions, there was no opening ceremony and unfortunately, I will not be able to visit the show because of continuous travel limitations.

I am very glad that my partners in China keep organizing exhibitions even though I am far away in Switzerland.

Here life goes on as well. A movie team of local TV channel "Südostschweiz TV" came to my gallery in Schwanden, Glarus, Switzerland to make a commentary about the current show - the Solo Exhibition by Susanne Hauser "Zeitenwende". While most TV commentaries until recently were in Chinese, you can now enjoy "Swiss German" sounds.

Unfortunately there are no subtitles. The art exhibition in Schwanden will be prolonged until June 11.

I have been creating a lot of new artworks of the "Galaxy Gravity Series".

The next show at Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Schwanden, Switzerland will be a Solo show by Norwegian-Swiss artist Lisa Eikrann starting on June 26.

All the best,

Turn your life colorful!



Centrifugal 20220815 - 66cm - Acrylic on Canvas - 2022.jpg


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