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On Saturday, November 7, 2020, was the opening of Antonio Wehrli Art Space in Schwanden, Glarus, Switzerland with the Solo Show "LEBENSFREUDE" by artist Antonio Wehrli

Because of the current situation with the not so deadly but heavily feared COVID-19 virus, that demands our attention every two hours with updates on infection numbers and puts large populations in disastrous curfews worldwide, I had to limit the number of attendees and, of course, follow a strict safety protocol. (forgive my sarcasm: fear is the worst danger to health but we are constantly bombarded with fear mongering information: I hope you can get out into the sun and enjoy life because that's what we are here for: to enjoy life, not to fear death)

Around 20 art lovers came to the opening from nearby cantons like Zurich, Zug, etc. and of course from the canton of Glarus.

Luckily we had good weather and could sit and drink outside as inside would have been forbidden.

The president of the art association of Glarus, Mr. Kaspar Marti held the first speech and welcomed the initiator of the art gallery, artist and curator Antonio Wehrli to the canton Glarus. "Antonio Wehrli Art Space" in the village Schwanden is the only art gallery in the whole canton of Glarus, which has a population of about 40'000 inhabitants.

Artist and curator Antonio Wehrli, initiator of the Art Space in Schwanden held the second speech.

He informed that he plans to hold several art exhibitions yearly, some with local Swiss artist and some with artists from China and elsewhere. He invited the guests to enjoy the beautiful artworks on display and feel the "Zest for life".

Most of the artworks were from various Gravity series, several works of "Gravity Germania", where the gravity element flows over antique prints from various printmakers from the late 19th century as seen displayed in the image above or from "Gravity Chongqing" with a photographic background, "Galaxy Gravity" and "Gravity" with all abstract parts as seen displayed in the windows in the image below.

Two works of the "Law of Corona" series, two of the "Centrifugal" series and two of the "Girls on Bikes" series were on display too.

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