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"Wenn die Berge dein Meer werden" - Finissage Impressions at Antonio Wehrli Art Space

Last Saturday, July 31 2021 was the Finissage of "Wenn die Berge dein Meer werden" at Antonio Wehrli Art Space. It was a fabulous event.

At the beginning Mattis Eikrann-Steger played a few compositions on oboe, then Catherine Fritsche her own composition "Frühlingsmelodie" on flute.

The main part began with a flying transition:

Lisa Eikrann gave a performance, inspired by Peer Gynt and the search for identity in the main room of the Art Space, with accompanying music and sounds that were orchestrated by Catherine Fritsche. Appearances by Mattis Eikrann-Steger and Ylve Eikrann-Steger completed the staging.

Storyline: The performer enters the stage wearing concrete shoes. Citing a monologue from Peer Gynt, she peels herself like an onion. Then she paints black ink onto her face and clothing. Solveigs song is performed - full of hope - expecting Peer's return. Dissolved in smoke the young image of the performer joins the stage but can there be hope? After the old performer leaves the stage, a tiny troll from Peer’s previous hallucinations comes to take him away...

For the full 16 min performance, use the link here:

For a short one minute teaser, use this link:

above: still of the performance. In the middle: Lisa Eikrann; right behind her: Mattis Eikrann-Steger

above: Visitors enjoying the village, drinks and good conversation

Even though the exhibition is finished, there are still a few magnificent works by Lisa Eikrann available online. If you want to collect one of her thoughtful works, browse the website:

above: Der Aufbau, 40cmx40cm, relief, ink on wood, steel frame

above: Berghang, 23cm x 23cm, Ink and linseed oil on wood, steel frame

Up next at Antonio Wehrli Art Space will be my Solo Show "Galaxy Gravity", starting on September 11, 2021. Updates to follow

See you then!

Turn your life colorful!

All the best,



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