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"WINTERTIME" - Impressions

The opening of the exhibition "WINTERTIME" took place last Saturday, December 10, 2022.

Many happy visitors came by to see the selection of artworks by the eight artists from Glarnerland.

In case you didn't have a chance to come and might not be able to come before January 14th, I photographed the gallery from all angles and put the photos online. Simply click on the image below or on the link to view the exhibition:

In addition to the artworks by the eigth artists who live in Glarnerland, two works of art by the Ukrainian artist Masha, who has been living in Filzbach since February, were added to the show at short notice. This means that a total of nine artists participate at the exhibition.

All artworks can be purchased both online and on site.

Art is an ideal gift for our loved ones. What's nicer than gifting unique art to others or yourself?

Here is a selection of artworks from the exhibition:

"Roter Mohn" by Dominic Hartmann, a watercolor on paper of tremendous radiance,

21cm x 31cm, CHF 350.00, framed, including shipping.

"Live in a Square" by MARCK, LCD screen framed in wood and plaster, 30-minute video loop,

53cm x 32.5cm x 19cm, edition of 10, CHF 17'000 incl. shipping

"Allegro" by Eva Oertli, an enchanting sculpture made of alabaster,

24cm x 50cm x 35cm, CHF 3200, excl. shipping - further information on request

"Stone in moving water (painting Grieg)" by Lisa Eikrann, ink on wood and steel frame,

60cm x 60cm, CHF 1100, including shipping

"Vulkanlandschaft II" by Werner Stauffacher, oil on canvas,

24cm x 30cm, CHF 700, including shipping

"Rotes Schirmmoos" by Rahel Opprecht, mixed media on cotton,

100cm x 100cm, CHF 4200, including shipping

Many other works of art can be discovered here:

Another highly recommended gift is wrist or finger art:

I designed the Gravity Bracelet and Gravity Ring with the help of New York jewelry designer Jane A. Gorden based on my Gravity artworks. Each piece of jewelry is first wax printed in New York based on my design to create the mold. Then poured and processed by hand to obtain matte and shiny patches or drops with varying textures. Since the drops are very filigree, the mold can only be used once, which makes each piece a bit unique.

The rings and bracelets are available in sterling silver, micron gold plated sterling silver and blackened rhodium plated sterling silver, as well as solid 18k gold.

I look forward to reading or seeing you soon,

Happy Holidays and a fabulous Happy New Year 2023!

Turn your life colorful!



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