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The ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI combines the beauty and fascination of a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback muscle car with

Antonio Wehrli's uplifting, fascinating and highly energetic colorflow.

The gravitational flow of color that flows from the front to the middle of the car, stands for communication, exchange, equality and peace. Communication, exchange and equality between people are important aspects of living peace.


The original idea of ​​my Gravity artworks was the allegory that we perceive gravity as the same although it is different. According to physical measurements, gravity varies by several mGal depending on where you are. The local gravitational force mainly depends on the sub-surface density.  While we focus on similarity when it comes to gravity, we focus on differences when it comes to people. 

In my opinion, the similarities in people as a whole are more prominent than the differences - like with gravity.


An important aspect of the ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI project is that I want to wake people up with it. We're all caught up in our daily hustle and bustle. With its V8 engine, the Mustang is quite noisy, which makes it an excellent alarm clock.

People are disturbed to some extent in their everyday life, but this disturbance is positive because thanks to the disturbance

they can look at the beautiful colors and energetic art of the car and stop for a few seconds and marvel, admire or dream.

Some might get angry too, but I hope that most will be positively disturbed and interrupted so that their mind has time to dream.

The inner voice of the viewer should be silenced for half a second or longer. This could seem like a one-second meditation..

In most cases it will be unconscious and not produce any lasting change.

For some people, this second of interruption might lead to something more, to their own ideas,

the gut to realize their dreams or the courage to tackle something new.


Art needs to be accessible to everyone, public. The ART MUSTANG by ANTONIO WEHRLI is a driving sculpture or painting.

I hope you love it and enjoy it.


I hope it will uplift your life and make you happy.

Turn your life colorful!


Turn your own car into an artwork:

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Until the beginning of 2020, I created my art in China. Special global circumstances brought me to Schwanden, Glarus, Switzerland where I opened the Antonio Wehrli Art Space in November 2020. I then realized that I had to show my art in public space in order to be appreciated and discovered by new collectors and art lovers. People might not be able to come to see my art, that's why I need to bring my art to the people.


In order to implement the idea, I decided to foil wrap the car as this comes visually closest to my Gravity artworks.

For a high resolution image of the artwork chosen for the car, I visited G M D THREE, a photographer friend of Filzbach-based artist MARCK.

I adapted the photograph of the artwork to fit the shape of the 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback.

For the back part of the artwork, I chose a gold metallic foil so that the colors change depending on the perspective of the viewer and the car always looks a little different. This is also because the picture chosen for the ART MUSTANG is a Galaxy Gravity artwork that is painted with interference colors and also appears different depending on the viewing angle. The drops of the gravity paint flow were printed on a high-gloss foil.

Thank you:

A very big thank you to the 68 private individuals and art enthusiasts who generously supported the crowdfunding and creation of the


as well as the following companies:

                                  Antonio Wehrli Art Space        Abart A. GmbH         Müller Schwanden AG       Thoma Werbetechnik & Folierung

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IMG_7756 Kopie.jpg

                   Thoma Werbetechnik & Folierung                                     Müller Schwanden AG                                                    Abart A. GmbH

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