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The gravitational flow of color stands for communication, exchange, equality and peace.

Communication, exchange and equality between people are important aspects of living peace.

The world has become a more tolerant place in the last few decades thanks to new technologies, ways of communication and vast possibilities for everyone to achieve dreams. Despite this fact, more people than ever are starving, nationalistic movements or religious thoughts of superiority keep popping up and leaders use them to their advantage, to exploit their people and fight wars. We keep forgetting that we are all more alike than different! Highly developed human beings. 


My „Gravity“ paintings are a symbol of peace for everyone to see that we are the same.


I use gravity to co-create them, to demonstrate that even though we might look different, we might live in different areas and have different believes or just a different sex, we are all the same species. Gravity is slightly different at various places even though on the same world, our blue planet. We also are slightly different, each and every one of us – but just like gravity we are more alike than different.


I will paint those artworks all over the world to demonstrate exactly this. I will be inspired by local variations and create a variety of artworks but always co-created with gravity.


I hope those "Gravity" artworks will become peacemakers.


                                                                                                                                                     Click to Enlarge!

Gravity India 2019

Gravity India 2019

Gravity France 2019

Gravity China

Gravity Artworks 2015

Gravity Artworks 2014

Gravity India 2015


Gravity Artworks created during the Art Residency at "Art><Junction" Udaipur, India from February 14 to March 30 2015. 

All artworks were inspired by local traditions and colors. 

Some are painted over photographs taken by Antonio in the first few weeks after arrival. 


Centrifugal 20220815 - 66cm - Acrylic on Canvas - 2022.jpg


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