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Exhibition Photos

Exhibition narrative

Dive into the artworks – unlimited, borderless, Plasma!

No beginning, no end – Alpha and Omega.

Discover the beauty, the absence of all and the presence of all, ever changing, pigments and oil combined to a myriad of abstract artworks composed of specific details. Light, colors, reflections – Life is Good!


Discover the world through the eye of the artist Marco Russo who is fascinated by textures, colors, the physical being of a canvas, a space and a wall. Plasma can be everything and anything. Plasma is the embodiment of abstract, while being precise, concrete and definite. Marco Russo cares very much about our current reality and his art. How pigments behave, materials work and adjust, how it all flows together, enhances each other, grows to new objects, ideas, thoughts, becomes concrete and disappears again. He wants us to experience the analogue world, away of the omnipresent digital. He tries to wake us up. Make us stop, realize our madness of running around heedlessly, realize the present, the good, the bad, the ugly and the amazing. This exhibition does not only invite you to leap into infinity, it also gives you the chance to rediscover the beauty of daily life, the details of toys, readymade objects, cheesy plastics, compositions and absurdities. Every emotion in itself is a miracle and living each of these emotions fully brings us to the important conclusion:

Life is Good!


Antonio Wehrli, 15. März 2021

Resume Marco Russo

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